Quality over Quantity

What does your closet look like?

Is it overflowing with clothing you mostly pass over day after day reaching instead for your few go to items? Or perhaps you regularly clean out your closet donating or throwing out things that don't work for you anymore? Maybe some of these things you just purchased in the past year? Maybe they haven't held up quality wise? Or trend wise if that's important to you?


Lots of (vintage) clothes to choose from!
What to choose? Photo by Becca McHaffie.


I've seen these closets, it's most of us! Everybody likes feeling like they've got a deal so they can buy more. You might go shopping thinking you will spend $200 but if you find items on a great sale you're likely going to buy more to spend that $200 you planned on. You may not even really love what you're buying, but it's a good deal! It might not even fit quite right but it's a good deal! It certainly won't last long in your closet but it's a good deal! Let me tell you that shopping this way is a false economy!


Canadian dollar bills
Playing the long game with your time and money. Photo by John McArthur.

What is a False Economy?

A false economy is the idea that you think you are saving money but in the long run you are actually spending more. How can that be? If you're buying that clothing that you think is such a great price or sale, you buy more first of all, whether you actually need it or not. Then you cycle through it much faster. If you have paid $30 for a top are you going to care about it as much as a top that you've paid $100 for? Of course not, it's far more disposable. And what do you think is going to last longer with you? Of course the top that you've paid more for, invested in the money and care.

Buying quality, buying sustainably, buying Canadian

It's quite possible to have a closet with a smaller amount of quality clothing that will last you longer. When you buy Canadian made eco clothing you are investing in just that. It is going to be clothing that has high worth for you. You'll have invested in something you'll really love and care for. You'll know it has been made ethically and sustainably, supporting other Canadian families and business and gentle on our precious earth. You'll know you'll have quality items that you don't have to replace often and clothing that follows comfort, wearability and durability rather than ever changing trends.


Beautiful Canadian forest
Let's look after this beautiful place. Photo by Guillaume Jaillet.


My closet is small, I actually own one pair of jeans!! And the rest is Canadian made clothing that I have invested time and effort into finding. That's how Meadow in Harmony was born, from my own quest for amazing Canadian made clothing. I began years ago with a few pieces that I loved and over time (and a lot of effort) have found the brands and styles that I love and love supporting for their sustainability, ethics and quality. For me it's important to bring that option to others, a few great Canadian brands in one place, tested and loved by me!

— Christina ❤️

My next blog will be an epic list of Canadian made eco clothing brands!