Why buy Canadian made eco clothing?

Moraine Lake, Canada
Moraine Lake, Canada. Photo by John Lee.


Most people probably think buying Canadian made clothing makes sense, but financially can't justify it. Most of us have been purchasing clothing the "easy way" our whole lives. We're raising families with kids tearing through clothing faster than we'd like, then buying more and more. Moms may not even have the time to consider a different way of shopping and just find it easier and cheaper to go to the mall or the few stores they always shop from. I get it. I'm a mom but I also happen to very much dislike malls and shopping. I've always preferred online shopping for the hunt, the variety and ultimately the conscious choices I can make.

I began by buying organic clothing for my new baby 9 yrs ago. I wanted only organic for his brand new, unspoiled, delicate little body. I found the cutest things and was ok paying more, knowing that not only was it healthier for him but I was also contributing to other north American families, small business, and to a growing movement of clothing production that is healthier for our planet and all people along the production and consumption line. I also bought A LOT less. Maybe I did more laundry in trade, but I really valued those pieces. I was also able to use them again with the next baby.

Along the way I began shopping like this for myself as well: first buying a few special pieces, and then later valuing these pieces so much more and gravitating to them exclusively. So I searched it out more; down to exactly what I wanted and who I wanted to support. Canadian made eco clothing: ethically and sustainably produced with natural fabrics like organic cotton, bamboo, hemp, linen, etc. There weren't a lot of options when I first started buying this way, but i'm happy to say it's grown so much!

There are many amazing small Canadian businesses devoted to designing and producing a huge array of eco clothing, right here in our country. The options are there! And even more so when people have an idea to bring a few great ones together in an online shop (hint, hint 😉).

Maybe you're intrigued? It's going to be a bigger investment, of course: of time, money and care of your clothing but it's worth doing the right thing isn't it? Supporting our local economy, small business, ethics, sustainability and a healthier planet overall.

If you're buying for kids and thinking they're just going to outgrow this or tear through it, maybe it's a few basics? Or the possibility of hand-me-downs? I've been able to hand down quality organic items still in good shape through two of my kids and on to nieces and nephews.

And buying for yourself you will notice you're not going through clothing quite so fast. Those donation bags will likely not hold your well made Canadian eco clothing!

Overall you will need less. Buying quality over quantity pays off. You'll buy less items and you'll take good care of them, valuing their worth and quality. Your closet will change! I very honestly don't have a lot in my closet. My last closet clean out saw the remainder of fast fashion donated. What remains are the things I LOVE and value. They are well made, ethically and sustainably, here in Canada. They are things that I am proud to carry in my shop (right here) and hope you'll love too!

Stay tuned for a full blog on Quality over quantity AND a huge list of amazing Canadian made eco brands!

— Christina ❤️