Meadow in Harmony's Origins

Enjoying a meadow in harmony

My Inspiration

Meadow in Harmony is inspired by my family. A quest for purity for their young gentle bodies and truly a quest for harmony in our everyday choices and actions, including inspiring our little ones to make conscious decisions as well. It's just one practical step but it's an important one. Shopping this way is certainly a bigger investment of thought, money and care in your clothing, but it's so worth it knowing you and your family's clothing is natural, sustainable and ethically produced here - in our own country - while supporting other families.

So here's my contribution that has been in practice and thought for a few years. Bringing you a curated collection of some of the best Canadian made clothing. I promise you'll find natural and organic fabrics, ethical and sustainable production, quality, comfort, durability and, of course, style.

I hope you'll find some things you love and care for them for as long as you can. And most of all, I hope it inspires you to find your own ways of harmonizing.

— Christina ❤️